Harley-Davidson of Williamsport,MD

Meet Our Primary Officers

2018 Williamsport HOG Prmary Officers

Mike Pearson


Don Goglio

Asst. Director

Susan Brown


Kevin Stouffer


As officers of this chapter, we are committed to our sponsor, dealership, members and the pursuit of Harley's vision for HOG chapters - "Ride and Have Fun".  We have members that participate and volunteer for many rides and events and we have mebers that just love to socialize at chapter meetings and gatherings.  Either way, each member is unique to our chapter and it is our responsiblity to ensure the chapter meets the needs of all of our members, dealaership and our terrific sponsor.

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2017 Chapter Memories

We do a lot of riding. In fact, for a group with less than 100 members, we rival the larger chapters in terms of chapter rides and cumulative miles.  In 2017 we had over 100 scheduled rides and rode over 125K miles.  Below are some of the memories and experiences from the 2017 riding season... Enjoy!

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If you're looking to join a chapter, make some friends, and create some life long memories along the way, then contact us to learn more about who we are and what we do.  Plan to join us at a monthly chapter meeting and get to know the great people that make this chapter so fun.

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