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So, are you thinking about joining a chapter?


This Williamsport HOG Chapter #1544 welcomes you to reach out to us and learn more about our chapter and the people that make it a fantastic place to ride and have fun.


Come to a chapter meeting, get to know us and see for yourself what were all about. Come join us on a ride even if it's just for an ice cream social and talk to our members. You'll quickly see that we not only do we believe in "Riding & Having Fun", it is engrained in every aspect of our chapter.


So go ahead, bring your ideas and some rides you most enjoy and let us share some riding experiences and make some good friends along the away.


Just select the link below and sned your info to our membership officer and we look forward to riding with you!


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New Chapter Members

Welcome to the Williamsport HOG Chapter..

Welcome Michael and Terry!!! We're happy you're here. We have a ton of rides and events coming up so, get on your bikes, ride and have some fun with us. We look forward to seeing you out there!

Michael   Terry